Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 1600502

And here it is, May already. Steady warming trend, from a high of around 60 on Sunday, to a high of around 70…on Sunday.  Lows hit 33F on Sunday night, but the plants seem to have weathered it, even the ones not in the whitehouses. Forecast is for even more warming, into the 80’s, which I suspect will finally bolt my cabbages, and it’s not even June yet. Cliff Mass, the NWWx guy, says we should consider 1 May to be 1 June for gardening purposes this year. Temperature a foot down in the garden is already 60F.

Planted some more squash in Section 3 over the weekend — spaghetti, butternut, summer squash. Put some asparagus roots in to Section 4.

The hops are doing well. Tried a new way of providing them with growth support. Pix next week.

Planted two new tomatoes in deck containers — Christmas Grapes (I hope that’s not a indicator of when it ripens) and Stupice. That one was in a planting bag. I’m thinking it might be better than the decaying plastic containers I’m currently using.

Hillbilly Hydroponics

Hillbilly Hydroponics

And of course, no sooner had I written about the joys of hydroponics last week than my lettuce started to wilt. I think all the moving around to take the pictures may have broken the threadlike root or something. So I drilled a hole in the shoulder of the bottle, big enough for a small funnel, and added a few cups of water, just enough to bring it an inch or so up the side of the sock. Back to firm and crisp-looking. So it’s not a fire and forget, it’s more like plant it and set your calendar.

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