TL:DR — Anime I never finished, Spring 2016

Big Order
It has an inane premise: that people offered a single superpower would each wish for a different plot – enhancing capability. It has an inane cast, ranging from a Super Mario’s Uncle lookalike to a talking 2×4 to a guilty-yet-innocent high-school protagonist who has the guile of a Dan Brown hero. And it has an inane-but-endearingly goofy plot, which involves one (indestructible) girl constantly dying in spectacularly stupid ways, while another tells our protagonist that her father told her if she allowed a boy to touch her she would become pregnant. Unfortunately, he grabs her rabbit ear hair ribbon to keep her from falling and she not only blows up like someone smuggling beachballs, she immediately starts having labor pains. After that, the quality goes downhill into typical shonen shouting and battles and angst.

It was a real short nine months

It was a real short nine months

The Girls und Motorbikes concept worked for a while, but it turns out that, even with the freedom of the open road, and a highway stretching all the way to Hokkaido, there’s only so many things you can do on a bike. Unlike Big Order, where I just couldn’t stand any more, this one got to the point where I just didn’t care. It was like watching CHiPs reruns without the chase scenes.

The call of the open road

The call of the open road


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