Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 160516

Weather this week started out chilly, moved to warm, and is now back to cool, and breezy. And showery. Forecast is for more cool and showery. But even this cooling trend is still two weeks ahead of our average.

In general, how far ahead are we this Spring? My May 15 gardening calendar says that the upcoming week is a good week to start cucumber and pumpkin seedlings, and lay down plastic mulch for the tomatoes, squash, and peppers. It also suggests that next Friday might be a good day for early planting. The reality is, of course, that my early planting was done two weeks ago.

As far as the garden itself, right now there’s nothing much going on. Planted some onions in Section 1, under the assumption that the cabbages would bolt. Scattered the last of last year’s amaranth seeds in front of the hops, and they are starting to show themselves. The hops* themselves put in a four-foot spurt of growth, but now are just marking time. I installed a timer-controller on the garden hose, so the soakers run for an hour every other day. Otherwise, things are just kindof, you know, growing.

*Last week I promised a photo of the hops, but because of the cool weather they are still marking time, and because of the rain, I’m not planning on any outdoor activities.


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