It is amazingly hard to get a reliable pollen forecast around here. And by reliable, I mean, one that isn’t contradicted by a different website.

The other problem is inconsistency of reporting. Today, May 20th, the Weather Channel website weather.com says the tree pollen forecast for the next three days (Saturday/Sunday/Monday) for Cheney, WA, is high/high/high. Twelve hours ago it said low/medium/high.

If you ask for Spokane, WA (99223) you get vhigh/vhigh/vhigh, but if you just ask for Spokane, WA, you get moderate/high/high.

All is grey

All is grey

Their source for current reporting actual levels for this region is Twin Falls, ID. They’ve been forecasting high threats for most of this month (and right now show high/ vhigh/ vhigh. However, reporting from Twin Falls for the first two weeks of May shows a pollen count of 125 for the first week, and 438 for the second week, both in the upper moderate range.

Meanwhile, the pollen.com website shows we’re currently medium-high, with a forecast of low-medium/ medium/ medium-high. And AccuWeather.com says we’re currently low, with a forecast of low/low/low.

On the left is the Weather.com map, as of today. Twin Falls is in the center (E/W) and a short ways north of the southern border, smack in the center of the low-moderate range. Spokane itself is in a grey area that is either no threat, or no data.

All is green

All is green

Which is fine, except that the AccuWeather map, on the right, shows us in a low pollen area.

So, do I take my Claratin, or not?


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