Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 160523

So, now that it’s almost June, we have the weather data for April, and it confirms what gardeners already knew — it was warm. In fact it was the warmest on record. And if you look closely at the map, you see it was particularly warm in the NENW. And, even though this Summer will see normal rainfall, we’re still expected to be warmer than normal.

Meanwhile, this week was cool – er. Still ahead of seasonal averages, but cool. Also breezy. And showery. In fact, a lot like last week. I closed up the whitehouses on Thursday, since our highs were not predicted to get out of the mid-60’s through the weekend, with lows in the 40s. Sunday didn’t beat 60F, with 23mph winds, gusting to 30. What you’d call a blustery day.

Here’s the hops. I took four 10ft runs of corner trim and tied a 14x14ft anti-bird net to them. By the end of June, they’ll be up to the roof and we’ll have shade on the south side of the house all Summer. Assuming it all holds together.

Stalled at the 4ft mark

Stalled at the 4ft mark

And assuming that it does hold together, come Fall I’ll just cut them down, fold the whole thing up and dispose of it. We could do something more permanent and let it grow from year to year, but hops “berries” (more like little pine cones) are poisonous to dogs, so we want to get them out of the way.


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