Professional networking site LinkedIn has just been bought out by Microsoft. The deal was for $26.2billion.

If you’ve read this blog very long or very often, you know I am a long-term skeptic of Microsoft, in a from Hell’s depth I stab at thee sort of way. They are monopolists and bullies, and they are technologically not all that great and have had to borrow from Open Source. Their criminal acts killed competing browsers and operating systems, and their funding of bogus lawsuits attempted to kill the Open Source world itself — and they laughed about it and patted themselves on the back. Under new leadership, their Windows X malware update campaign shows they have not changed at all.

I don’t know what their plans are for LinkedIn, but whatever they are, they are not good for the tech community. There’s not much I can do about it, but what I can do is drop my LinkedIn account, which I did this morning.

At last report, LinkedIn had 433 million members, although there’s no indication of how many are active. Now, $26.2billion / 433million = $60 per member, roughly. So I can’t say I did them much damage, but I did my best, and I hope they like their new $26,199,999,940.00 purchase.

UPDATE: I find that LinkedIn has 106 million active members, which are worth about $250 each. So my dropping out has done four times the damage I thought it would. Well done, FoW, well done.

I wish I had a daughter, so I could forbid her to marry him.”


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