Fun with RSS

As I said in an earlier post, I recently dropped the Opera browser after almost 20 years of having it as my primary. Now, I am using Firefox for my browser, with Thunderbird as my RSS feed reader.

When first installed, every time I clicked an RSS link in Thunderbird, it would open a tab in Firefox, and then jump to that tab. If I wanted to continue my screening I had to <Alt-Tab> back to Thunderbird. Every. Time. It was tiresome, but acceptable.

About a week ago, something happened. Not sure what (there was a solar eclipse, but that was back in March; maybe it was the Gotthard tunnel). I certainly hadn’t touched the settings for either Thunderbird or Firefox. Suddenly, whenever I clicked on a link, a tab in Firefox would open up, but I would stay on Thunderbird! Interesting. At first I was irritated, because I didn’t know if the click had taken or not. After a while, I learned to trust the click, Luke, and my screening sped up (I’m following over 100 RSS feeds).

A day or so ago, equally unheralded, the behavior switched back. When I clicked on a link in Thunderbird, it would once again open a tab in Firefox and immediately jump there. It was like running into an old flame. I was once interested, but I’d moved on. What to do? To the Googlemachine!

Mozilla Help wasn’t much help, at first. Pretty much all their articles were superbasic (left click to open a set of menu choices...) or superunbasic (this has been noted as a bug in build 120.386.297.4323, a simple code edit and recompile will solve the problem until the next dot release…). It wasn’t until I’d actually typed in the text of my question, instead of just key words, that it gave me anything useful.

The behavior is the browser’s fault. To fix it in Firefox you have to edit the config file using About:config. I don’t want to release any spoilers, so your best bet is to read the original article, which includes hints for Chrome as well. Sorry IE users — you are SOL, but you knew that anyway.


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