My Trip to England – Day 1

Preliminary notes. Will be organized into a separate web page, just like my Japan trip, although I probably won’t spend as much time talking about toilets.

The trip over was sortof not bad. British Airways 777. Minimal leg room, and what there was was taken up by a space-heater-looking box under the seat ahead. Seat itself was comfortable enough that my back didn’t die from 9hrs sitting in it. Heavy turbulence almost the whole way.

Spent an hour or so running around rescheduling flights and hotels (see previous entry). The downside of booking ggggggggggggggggg* everythingg through a travel agent is that many changes have to go through them as well.

After too big of a mixed grill and rather too much cask-conditioned beer, I wended my way back to my hotel room. Small, overheated, noisy. On the other hand, the headboard does have two USB ports.

One mat bigger than the room in Kobe

One mat bigger than the JR hotel room in Kobe

And now it’s 5AM, even though my body says 9PM. Time to get on with the day.


*The ‘g’ keycap on my 10 year old MacBook just came off.


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