My Trip to England: Day 9

Today was the big day, my 2hr workshop for systems science students at Cambridge University. Actually, it was for everyone from anywhere — at least one person came up from London. The talk went reasonably well, and we had a nice lunch in the Eagle — the same pub that Crick and Watson used to hang out in (and the first bar I have seen that had San Miguel on tap).

Good beer, good food, good talk

Good beer, good food, good talk

Afterwards I did some shopping — I think I’m going to have to leave some clothes behind in order to fit all the new stuff in.

Went back to the hotel for a bit of a nap, then out again to find a pub for dinner. It turns out that the England/Iceland football match was on, and the first pub, half a kilometre from the hotel, was filled to standing with athletic-looking guys, cheering and shouting. Another half kilometre and I came to a second pub. Open mic night for prospective bar bands. But there was an open patio, away from the noise, where I could sit and drink and read my kindle.

On the way home I walked down this road. It’s typical of half the roads in Cambridge.

Two lane road. Can you spell narrow?

Two lane road. Can you spell narrow?

The other interesting thing about that picture is that it was taken at nine-o’clock at night, normal exposure.  Summer days in England are long. Of course, in the winter, you’re going to work and coming home in the dark


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