Green Thumb Up My Nose

Garden Report for 161003

It’s been a month, and now it’s time to close out the garden. The KHG is remaining warm, with the interior temperature holding at 64F on 2 October, despite the air temps just brushing 32F that night. I plan to keep track thru the winter, and report the numbers next spring.

Not much in the way of production. Couple of intentionally miniature peppers. Couple of unintentionally miniature onions. Five more medium Zucchinis before they succumbed to late season mildew. One small spaghetti squash from a late planted vine.

Vegetable Count Weight
Total Total

tomato 27 1.13
cabbage 4 4.02
peas 1.67
5 1.41
zucchini 5  1600 320 17 12.3
1  470 470 1 0.47
Grand Total 23.0*

This time last year we had a grand total of 45kg. In 2014 it was 47kg, and in 2013 the total was 38kg. So, at about half the average of the last three years, this was not a memorable year, but that’s understandable, since we were gone much of the time.

For post-gardening-season projects, I have some burdock that I’m going to leave in the ground for another couple of weeks before harvesting the roots, and I’m planting some cabbage and bush cucumber in a pot that I’ll bring indoors when it starts to get cold. Also, a sectionsworth of KHG planted to greens, inside the whitehouses. Unless something special happens, I won’t be reporting on these.

*Including 1.4kg of really small Zucchinis that I picked while digging up the squash.


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