Herewith, a compilation on post-election/pre-inauguration discussions of Trump’s mindset.

Trump may have Narcissist Personality Disorder.

How to cope with NPD.

How to deal with Trump.

How to defend against the Trumpistas.

A somewhat longer piece on the same topic.

…and an alternative view.

So, is he a dictator?

Is Democracy doomed?


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One Response to “Trumpsych”

  1. zencat2 Says:

    Having dealt with (or attempted to deal with) a colleague with NPD who sued me twice for doing my job, Trump scares the heck out of me. Totally cannot trust a single word he says–he will believe his own statements and is not the least bit concerned about saying something totally contradictory in the next breath and believing it too while denying he ever said the first statement. This is our next president. Isn’t it time for parliamentary democracy, absent the electoral college?

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