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Stonekettle on Nazis

June 29, 2018

Here’s my second-ever un-commented link to someone else’s work.

Stonekettle’s tweet stream on how the Nazis come to power.

Anime Preview Summer 2018

June 28, 2018

Unlike others, who use knowledge of the source materials, close observation of the previews, and who actually read the press releases, I’m going to base mine on just the title and the cover art. By the way, you might notice that I’ve missed a couple of seasons. That’s due to chemo-chemicals entering my body. And this instalment is somewhat short. That’s due to the sucko season we have in front of us.

First, let’s say what’s not in here. Sequels to stuff I didn’t like before (Boku no Hero Academia 3), kids stuff (Marvel Future Avengers), movies and OVA’s, and anything with Card in the title.

WILL WATCH: The title or the cover art is properly enticing, so I definitely will watch at least the first three eps.

1. Overlord III: A dentist’s nightmares

2. Hataraku Saibou: Asuka Langley’s delivery service

3. Asobi Asobase: three young girls on a scavenger hunt

MIGHT WATCH: The cover art is not too off-putting, so I might watch it.

1. Zoids Wild: Strange beasts and where to find them

2. Jashin-chan Dropkick: The Yokohama chain saw murders

3. Shichisei no Subaru: Young couple flee jellyfish woman in his new car

WON’T WATCH. The cover art and/or the title tells me more than I ever wanted to know on the topic.

1. Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa: The horrors of modern business

2. Ongaku Shoujo: It’s amazing how far you can stretch one piece of cloth if you cut on the bias

3. Happy Sugar Life: A girl and her dakimakura

And then there’s an honorable mention.

Aguu: Tensai Ningyou: Just what does that title really mean?

Normally, if I want the English version of a title, I just copy/paste the romanji title into Google Translate, and copy/paste the answer into the text. That didn’t work here.

According to Google, Aguu: Tensai Ningyou means Aegu: Tenyo Enomyo. But that’s just more Japanese, and what’s up with that?. So, let’s translate Aegu: Tenyo Enomyo. Google says that means: Ophee: Tomonameyomo. This is getting silly — plus, it sound’s like Hawaiian. Let’s try it one more time. And your final English meaning is …. P: Oh no yea. I’m afraid to go any further.

UPDATE: By doing a general Google search I find that the Japanese is 悪偶 ‐天才人形, and it stands for Evil – Genius Dolls. Not sure if that’s Dolls of the Evil Genius, or Genius Dolls of Evil.

Chicken Broccoli Oatmeal

June 28, 2018

We have the worst luck with fast food. Or maybe we’ve outgrown it. In our college town there are a number of fast food places. For my last set of night classes before retirement, I started stopping at one or another of them on the way home to pick up a snack. Our rating so far is: Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and McDonalds (McNuggets), terrible; Taco Bell tacos, not bad, as long as you don’t think of it as Mexican food; Rosa’s Pizza (local), very good (but their quality seems to be slipping recently). So, what about other sources? The other night, MJ stopped at Safeway on her way home from the dog club, and picked up some Chinese food from the deli. Mostly bad: fried rice was OK, as was the chicken teriyaki (hey, I’m not the one who called it ‘Chinese’), but the chicken teriyaki and broccoli was inedibly salty, and had almost no broccoli (like they were trying to recreate something out of Cowboy Bebop).

We couldn’t finish it, but the thought occurred to me that the salt would disappear in a pot of oatmeal. To the breakfast table!

Setup: 1/3 cup of stone ground rolled oats, one cup of broth, two heaping dinner teaspoons of Safeway brand deli chicken teriyaki with broccoli, salt. Cook for 10 minutes or so, depending on the exact style of oats. Add the chicken at the start, so it has a chance to desalinate.

Results: Surprisingly OK. As I thought, the salt could not overcome the oatmeal, and the teriyaki flavor overcame the blands. However, I don’t plan on doing this again, and not just because I’ve taught my last night class.

Rating: *****

Green Thumb Up My Nose

June 25, 2018

Garden Report for 180625

I know, I said I wouldn’t write anything for a while. But I have some news, and a schedule.

So the news is, it looks like I’ve got some sort of blood disease attacking my deck tomatoes. The Bush All Star Beefsteak is toast. Leaves all bronzed and curly. Pulled it up (plastic gloves) and dumped it in dumpster. I’ll spread the dirt on the front lawn, and see if there’s something I can put in the washed container this late in the season. Worryingly, the Pink Accordion now has some leaves that are looking a little bronzlich.

The rest of it looks the same

The other news was me finally planting the carrots and chard in the holdout area of Section 2.

The schedule is here, tomatoes only, sorted by the ripening date:

Name D/I Wt Planted Days Ready
Early Girl I 4-8 05/21/18 50 07/10/18
Oregon Spring D 5-10 05/21/18 60 07/20/18
Champion I 6-8 05/21/18 65 07/25/18
Big Beef I 12-16 05/21/18 73 08/02/18
Moskvitch I 4-6 06/04/18 60 08/03/18
Bush Beefsteak D 7-10 05/21/18 75 08/04/18
Carolina Gold D 8-10 05/21/18 75 08/04/18
Sun Sugar I cherry 05/21/18 75 08/04/18
Big Boy I 16-32 05/21/18 80 08/09/18
Better Boy I 15-16 06/04/18 70 08/13/18
Black Prince I 5-7 06/04/18 70 08/13/18
Pink Accordion I 14-16 05/21/18 90 08/19/18
Moreton I 8-10 06/11/18 70 08/20/18
Beefsteak Brandywine I 18-24 06/04/18 80 08/23/18
Cherokee Purple I 10-12 06/04/18 80 08/23/18
Jet Star I 8-9 06/11/18 75 08/25/18
Supersonic I 10-12 06/18/18 75 09/01/18
Mortgage Lifter I 18-32 06/18/18 85 09/11/18

So, in theory, we could be eating Early Girl tomatoes three weeks from now. However, I note that right now the Early Girl has no tomatoes, and only a few flowers, while the Brandywine has six tomatoes that are almost two inches in diameter.

Green Thumb Up My Nose

June 18, 2018

Garden Report for 180618

One last sweep of Bi-Mart to see what I missed in the way of tomatoes. I found a Mortgage Lifter and a Supersonic.  The Lifter went into the garden ( I had to scrunch it in between the peas), and the Supersonic went into a new container on the east side of the house, snuggled up against the vine maple.

Planted some lettuce around the tomatoes in the big deck containers. Tennis Ball, and Iceberg. As I’ve said before, Icebergs don’t head in this climate, but they still make pretty good leaf lettuce.

I have one small part of Section 2 that I’ve been holding out for carrots, and maybe more lettuce. I’ll plant that today or tomorrow.

Took the bags off the ivy but left the wire grills on. I’ll take those off in a week or so. The ivy seems to be doing OK.

Otherwise, we’re in the let it grow part of the season. Maybe pull some weeds. My next garden report will likely not be for another month.

NOTE: we are in Sunset Zone 2B, USDA 6A, and ArborDayFoundation 6

planting calendar:


The last beginning

June 16, 2018

Commencement: The first existence of anything; act or fact of commencing
Synonyms: rise, origin, beginning, start, dawn

Today was Commencement at EWU. The graduating class was so big that they all couldn’t fit into the Spokane Arena at the same time, so we had to do it in shifts.

Since I am retiring at the end of the Fall Quarter of 2018 (exactly six months from now), this marks the last Commencement I will be attending as EWU faculty, and the last time I get to wear my official PhD robes.

Only the coolest people get the coolest hats.

Broccolied Oatmeal

June 14, 2018

So we had dinner the other night, as we often do, and the side (we are no longer hearty eaters, so it’s one side at a time) was a riced broccoli: broccoli that had been chopped  up smaller than rice grains. I’m pretty sure it was the Marketing Department’s way of using up all the stalks as well as the florets, as well as giving parents something they can hide in the mashed potatoes. Of course there were leftovers (we’re talking broccoli here), so I tried them for breakfast.

Setup: 1/3 cup of stone ground rolled oats, one cup of beef broth, two dinner teaspoons of potato flakes, two heaping dinner teaspoons of riced broccoli, salt. Cook for 10 minutes or so, depending on the exact style of oats. Add the potatoes at the end, and the broccoli after that (it had already been steamed the night before).

Results: Very good. Not overpowering. Worth putting in the rotation for the next time we have broccoli (let’s see…Haley’s comet…).

Rating: *****

Green Thumb Up My Nose

June 11, 2018

Garden Report for 180611

Just can’t stay away. I was going to lighten up on the gardening this summer, but I keep adding more and more plants.  Went to Bi-Mart on Thursday (are we going to get a Trans-Mart soon?) to buy a zucchini, because we didn’t have one of those, or a summer squash (nobody has summer squash) in the garden. Saw four or five tomato varieties that I hadn’t seen before or elsewhere, bought two (Jet Star and Moreton) and put them in containers on the east side of the house. Lemon cucumber on the deck, and the zucchini in Section 2.

The west side ivy may have been dumped into high sun too fast and got sunburn. I’ve put a grill over them (to give dapple-like shade), and hung a number of plastic shopping bags off the grill (to give a more diffuse light for dappling). I’ll take them off in a week or so. Actually, I’m likely to take them off come Friday night, because we are in for clouds and rain all weekend.


Hummus Oatmeal

June 7, 2018

Some of my Arab students had a combination graduation party and Iftar dinner, Iftar being the meal at which Muslims break their fast at sunset during Ramadan. They honored me with an invitation. The food was excellent, in a Middle Eastern sort of way, with lots of dips, including the Arabic equivalent of hummus. Afterwards, they gave me a large bag of various dishes to take home. I told them I would cry all the while I was handing out grades.

Now hummus is designed for cracker dipping, but of course you can do other things with it, including adding to your morning oatmeal.

Setup: 1/3 cup of stone ground rolled oats, one cup of broth, two dinner teaspoons of potato flakes, two dinner teaspoons of hummus, salt. Cook for 10 minutes or so, depending on the exact style of oats. Add the potatoes at the end, and the hummus after that (you don’t need to cook it, just use the oatmeal to heat it).

Results: Very good. Worked with both chicken and beef broth. Not enough of it to overpower the flavor. I’ll consider going out and buying a jar of hummus when this supply runs out.

Rating: *****

Green Thumb Up My Nose

June 4, 2018

Garden Report for 180604

Planted the Home Depot loot: Spaghetti, Butternut, and Delicata squash, Knucklehead and Wee be Little pumpkin, and Sweet Potato vine in the garden (Section 2); Better Boy and Black Prince tomato, and Japanese cucumber in the containers by the house. That left one empty container.

The Boston Ivy came in, a day early. All healthy. I dug up (most of) the hops on the south side of the house and planted the ivy in pairs, with room for my two planter bags between the pairs.

Hit the hardware store for one last time. Bought an acorn squash (Autumn Delight) for Section 2, Moskvitch for the east side containers, and a Cherokee Purple and a Brandywine for the south side planter bags.

The only thing left is some carrots (multicolor), chard, and lettuce (Iceberg, which makes a pretty good leafy lettuce, even when it doesn’t head).

After that, it’s just the occasional weed pull, and making sure the containers get watered — the garden is on a timer.