Cringely Space

Robert X. Cringely is the pen name of a long time tech industry observer. I’ve followed his columns since the mid-80’s. He’s had a bit of a bad patch in the last couple of years, being burned out of his Santa Rosa home in the Tubbs Fire in October, 2017, but he has apparently bounced back by co-founding a space launch company in San Louis Obispo, California, just up the road from where I went to high school, near Vandenberg AFB.

Eldorado Space (no relation to the highschool rocket club in Texas), plans to launch small “cubesats” using a solid rocket booster (Veloce 17) from a Mach 2.2 F-104.

Zoom and Boom

From what he says, Eldorado has cut down on possible competition by buying all the remaining Mach 2.2 F-104’s in the world.

Go Bob!

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