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Over on Reasons to Anime, there’s an article by Casper on the declining quality of extra content/bonus features on physical media anime. In passing, they say Why spend 30 bucks to buy a 480p DVD when you could stream that anime in 1080p for a fraction of the cost? Unless your internet is spotty, a lot of physical media just exists for collectors now. Well, it’s strongly possible that my internet is more than spotty, that for a specific title, it’s nonexistent.

I buy lots of DVDs/BDs, although fewer than previously. I don’t do it for the bonus features, and I don’t do it because I’m a collector. I do it because once a physical product is in my hand it’s mine, and there’s nothing the anime industry can do about it. The trouble is, a customer of any streaming service is at the mercy of that services business model, licensing agreements, and existence.

So, Crunchyroll no longer streams Mekaku City Actors, and it dropped Eureka Seven when I was only on Episode Three. Funimaton, before its merger with Crunchy, lost the streaming rights to Darker than Black, and Crunchyroll didn’t step up in their place. Funimation also dropped Interspecies Reviewers for its adult content, despite it being heavily censored.

Of course, you can’t always be assured of being able to buy the anime you want in physical media. Hibike! Euphonium Season One doesn’t seem to be available anywhere, and the aforementioned Interspecies Reviewers was available on RightStuf only until they were bought out by Crunchyroll. But that’s an argument for buying the DVD/BD as soon as they come out instead of waiting for the Director’s Cut with Bonus Features.

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  1. terranceacrow Says:

    That’s exactly the reason I buy Blu Rays, too. Sad to say, I’ve never seen Re:CREATORS released with English subtitles. So I’m sad. Still, I think you make a great point!

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