And it’s all true, or ought to be, and more and better, besides.

This Blog
… is a complete egoboo. It reflects my own views only, and does not include any opinions of my current or former employers — they can express their opinions themselves, for themselves. I write for myself, on topics that are pretty much of interest only to me. My success in that area is indicated by the fact that the maximum number of readers in a day for the first two years never exceeded six. That number has nothing whatsoever to do with the -six cycles listed below. Pure coincidence.

All of my grandparents were immigrants, from Ireland (northern Protestants) and Czechoslovakia (Catholic, by way of Poland). My father was a career Marine, who was at Pearl Harbor (almost court martialed for shooting the lock off the .50cal storage), Midway (almost decorated for beating a live, jammed, shell out of a 37mm gun with a block of wood), Guadalcanal (almost ruined his teeth, grinding them together while being shelled by Japanese cruisers), and Pelilu (studied trigonometry), and my uncle was career Army, who fought in Europe, commanded a Russian POW camp in Virginia, and after the war was an early member of the USMLM (and was one of those PNG’d over the Rugen Island PRA affair). I was the first of my family to graduate from college.

Formative Experiences
At the age of six I was abandoned by my parents in the California desert. This sparked an initial interest in dryland ecology and interactive systems. At the age of sixteen I was run over by an American photoreconnaissance satellite. This gave me a lifelong interest in Intelligence, and decided my future career. I was married at twenty-six, to a Marine Corps company commander. At thirty-six I was designated “the craziest man in the Air Force,” which gave me an abiding distrust of psychologists. On April Fools Day of the year I turned forty-six, I retired from the USAF. Immediately after I was no longer an active military presence, the Russians abandoned the Warsaw Pact and dissolved the Soviet Union. Just saying.

Breaking with the -six tradition, on the Wednesday before my 50th birthday, I quit my job as a defense contractor, and on the Wednesday after my 50th birthday I packed my belongings into a seven-year old Ford Escort, and left northern Virginia for Portland, Oregon, where I lived in the dorm at Portland State and got my Ph.D. in Systems Science. Six years later I was reunited with my wife and other household goods, and for almost twenty years I taught Management Information Systems in the northeastern northwest.

Most recently
I’ve come down with a touch of the multiple myelomas,  which caused me to retire early so I could spend my time watching more anime. Go ahead, you name the anime, and I’ll hum the OP tune.

Professional Interests
As a Systems Scientist I am interested in how the elements of complex adaptive systems work together to produce emergent properties. I get to play with genetic algorithms and artificial neural networks and simulations. Currently, my field of research is Reconstructability Analysis, and I am applying it to discover gene-gene interactions associated with human diseases, I’m also working on application of agent-based simulation to business problems.

My avatar is a Glider, from Conway’s Game of Life. The behavior you see is generated by just four rules.


The Glider has been proposed as the International Hacker Emblem

Unprofessional Interests
After all, one must do something to pass the time, right? Reading history. Reading science fiction and fantasy. Blogging about my search for the world’s best savory oatmeal recipe. Blogging about how the country has gone downhill since I was a lad. Watching anime. Learning Japanese*. Raising Golden Retrievers.

*I am now at the point where I can say things like: わたし の おばあさん の うさぎ の みみ は ねずみいろです,

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