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The long slow blog

March 5, 2017

Eight years of blogging at FoundOnWeb now, and I’m still going … something descriptive. Since WordPress doesn’t give me the tools I need to be more detailed (at least, not without putting in more work that I feel like doing), and since the blog started two months into the year, I’m just giving Totals From Day One.

In those eight years I’ve published just under three thousand posts (2920), which amounts to one post roughly every three days (2.8). Not much of a change since my last look, at the six year mark.

Total views in excess of fifty thousand (50557), or about 17 per day. Half of those were in the last two years, so I must be doing something right.

The two most popular posts in the last two years are my Garden Gantt spreadsheet, and Anime Worth Watching, Winter 2015, which featured KanColle and twerking torpedos. At last, something unseated Highschool Of the Dead, the anime and the DVD.


Happy Blogday to Me

March 5, 2015

FoundOnWeb started six years ago today, and has produced a whopping 760 posts — roughly one every three days — and 24,000 views — about 11 per day (most of them looking for HOTD screenshots). That seems about right, for a instrument of total self-indulgence. I’m not tired of it, yet. That’s because I’m not tired of me. I guess I’ll keep on keeping on, as long as the ego holds out.

Happy 4th on the 5th of the 3rd

March 5, 2013

I almost forgot. Today is the 4th anniversary of the start of this blog — 05 March, 2009. ┬áSince then I’ve published 480 posts (ten per month), and had just over 10,000 visitors — about seven per day. I probably wouldn’t have had that many if it weren’t for my two entries on Highschool of the Dead.

I think I’ve lived up to the goals I’ve set for myself: Write more. Write more interesting. When I have time, I express my strong opinions on geopolitical affairs. When I don’t have time, I write about oatmeal.

Bottom line: I am having fun, my ego is having fun, and I’d like to thank my loyal reader, who makes all this worth while.