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March 2, 2017

I’ve been buying more applesauce snack packs recently. You know, six-4oz plastic tubs in a handy cardboard container. I take them to school for lunch, and the nice thing is, if I don’t take one for a couple of weeks, the applesauce is still good, unlike the more economical eco-friendly quart size jars.

If it’s that good for lunch, what about breakfast?

Setup: 1/3 cup of stone ground rolled oats, one cup of broth, one 4oz packet of applesauce with cinnamon, salt. Cook for 10 minutes or so, depending on the exact style of oats. Add the applesauce at the end and heat through.

Results: Nothing to write the world about, but not bad. Nice apple-y background to the oats. The container makes it easy to replicate the recipe. This goes on the list.

Note: I used a celery-heavy chicken broth as the base, and I couldn’t tell. Plain water might work as well.

Rating: *****