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March 20, 2014

If it’s liquid, it’s fair game for oatmeal, amirite? Earlier, MJ had made some cream of asparagus soup. It used home-made chicken broth, half and half, and chunks of asparagus. I believe the original recipe called for taking a blender stick to it, but we liked it just as it was.

Next day, I sneaked into the fridge and liberated half a cup of the liquid (a couple chunks of asparagus came along for the ride), and topped it off with another half-cup of commercial beef broth. I used beef broth because it needed to stand up to the asparagus flavor. I left out any salt because the soup itself had a certain saltiness.

Setup: 1/3 cup of stone ground rolled oats, two dinner teaspoons of potato flakes, a half-cup of beef broth and a half-cup of cream of asparagus soup, salt only if you need it.  Cook for 10 minutes or so, depending on the exact style of oats.  Add the potato when you take it off the stove..

Results: Pretty good, if you like asparagus. As with the soup, it could stand a handful of crunchy bacon sprinkled on it.

Rating: *****

Green Thumb Up My Nose

October 28, 2013

Garden Report for 131028

The weather this week was beautiful. Highs in the low 60’s, lows in the low-but-not-freezing 30’s. Cloudy/foggy mornings. Sunny afternoons. West of the mountains they’re under a monster high pressure inversion layer, and that’s driving our weather. Too bad I’m in class or meetings or conferences or workshops or interviews or luncheons.

Forgot about the carrots. They were at the north end of Section 4, under the blueberries. I figured I’d best dig them now, before they freeze to the ground.  Got 15 of them. Five were 2oz monsters (bigger than my thumb!) and the rest were small. I’ll probably let that area go into blueberries or strawberries or asparagus next year.

Otherwise, just fiddling with the winter preps: cleaning up the residue, digging over the garden, hanging up the covers, trimming back the hops (and disposing of them so the dogs don’t get poisoned).  I’m waiting for the asparagus to brown out before cutting them back and mulching with the leaves that haven’t fallen yet.

UPDATE: Did I say hadn’t fallen? Our traditional Sunday night windstorm (sustained 40kt, gusts to 60), just brought everything down. Fortunately, I spent part of Sunday afternoon clearing off the deck.

Green Thumb Up My Nose

April 28, 2013

Garden Report for 130429

The weather this week finally warmed up, with no frost predicted. So I went mad in the garden.

On Thursday (which is a break day for me, after night class), I went out and spent a chunk of money on plants: three blueberry bushes, ten strawberry plants, seven asparagus plants (oops, I already had six dried rhizomes at home. oh well). Spent the morning getting them into Section 4 of the KHG. That’s the one I’m reserving for perennials. Also planted my hops plants along the south wall. One was a foot high. The others were about four inches. If reports are correct, they’ll be over the roof, this time next week.

Asparagus and berries (say the bells of St Merrie's)

Asparagus and berries (say the bells of St Merrie’s)

Friday, the madness continued. After dinner I ran down to our local hardware store and bought a bunch of plants — white cabbage, red cabbage, cauliflower. The stuff I’ve started isn’t doing anything to indicate it has a well-developed will to live.  Spent the remaining hours of daylight planting them in Section 1, which is brassicaville this year.

Cauliflower and cabbage (say the bells of St Babbage)

Cauliflower and cabbage (say the bells of St Babbage)

As of Sunday, everything is in, and most things are under cover — Section 4 excepted. High winds Sunday night, higher winds for Monday, at which point we get one night more of wind and two nights of frost. My plan is to put up the cover for Section 3 as soon as the wind allows, maybe Thursday, and then try some early tomatoes. That gets them in a month early, and if I use store-bought plants, it gives them an additional eight weeks. None of my home-sprouted seedlings are worth bothering with. Will also plant some squash. That’s the plan.

Green Thumb Up My Nose

September 24, 2012

Garden Report for 120924

Warm all week, with hazy smoke that kept the nightime temps in the mid 40’s

The Red Tide is starting, sortof. Forty-two tomatoes totalling five and a half pounds (i.e. two ounces each, on average). The S-100 pot on the deck is done for (I harvested the last 20 or so and cut it down Sunday evening), but for cherry tomatoes I still have the two hanging baskets, and the one S-100 I planted in a cinderblock in the KHG wall is actually doing well (but very few ripes).

In the KHG, the chard is doing well, now that I’ve triaged out the leaf-mined leaves, and the edible amaranth is suddenly growing. We had some of both in our salad. The edible amaranth leaves tasted like eating leaves. There appears to be six or so onions that survived the squash shading, and the asparagus is fighting back gamely.  The corn is hanging in there, and the diatomaceous earth seems to have warded off the cutworms — maybe — it’s hard to tell what’s old damage. Friday I forgot the soaker on sections 3 and 4, so the corn and chard got about four hours of rainfall. On Saturday, I did the same for sections 1 an 2. Honest forgetfulness. Squirrels have avoided my trap and have dug about ten holes in the corn and the chard.

On Friday night, the big summer squash plant died. Not sure why. I came out in the morning and all its leaves along its full ten foot length were hanging down in that boiled spinach look, not the usual dry droops. There didn’t seem to be any damage, like a broken stalk, that could have caused it, and we certainly didn’t have any frost. I cut it out in sections, trying not to disrupt anybody else. This will open up some light for the onions and spargle. If I have time on Monday I’ll cut it into chunks small enough to go in the mulch basket. There’s an unrelated summer squash vine over on the east side that’s still providing.

Monday: Harvested one big (i.e. big enough to sell in a supermarket) and fourteen small (walnut to plum sized) tomatoes, totalling just over a pound, all from the containers.
Wednesday: Four more tomatoes, under half a pound total.
Thursday: Two smallish spaghetti squash – 2lb and 1lb.
Friday: One big tomato and two small, totalling one pound
Saturday: 20 mid-sized tomatoes, totalling 3lb, and two more small spaghetti squash, 2.5lb total.
Sunday: One 2lb spaghetti sqash and one 1lb summer squash