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And so, she’s gone

December 17, 2018

Not a good Christmas week. Song didn’t make it.

She was OK through Saturday, bright, cheerful, wanting to stand, wagging her tail. On Sunday, she was depressed and lethargic, and bad enough we took her to the emergency vet.

On Monday, she died on the operating table. Essentially, the seal on her intestine failed. So did her pancreas. And her spleen.

She was only nine, and was a bright, energetic golden retriever. She loved to train, whatever the weather.

Indoors, she liked nothing more than to lie around with the other dogs.

Good night, Song.

 We will miss you.

Not with a bang

December 15, 2018

So ends my last academic week as a professor. I thought it would be a bittersweet going-around to offices, final correcting of finals, final assignment of grades, and so forth, before finally riding off into the sunset. Not so fast, Chips.

On my last day of finals I got hit with some sort of viral infection. Bad enough for me to see the doctor. As usual with these things, she gave me a bunch of symptom-suppressors and told me to go home to bed.

But those finals!

So, I’d correct for a couple of hours, then sleep for a couple of hours, and so-on. Finished late on Sunday, instead of mid-day on Thursday, as is my wont. Got the grades in on Monday. Cancelled my dental and eye appointments, and went back to bed.

Meanwhile Song, our senior golden retriever, ate a washcloth, as goldens are wont to do. It disappeared, didn’t show up on X-rays, festered, impacted, other horrible stuff, and sent her to the hospital. They found it, inside two feet of rotting bowel. She came home on an IV, which we had to watch constantly for 24hrs lest she pull it out.

She’s survived the initial crisis and no longer needs a constant hand on her head. Next issue is, was the operation successful? Can she take fluids without vomiting (yes, so far, 4 tablespoons at a time). Solid food comes soon.

Meanwhile, it’s MJ’s busiest time of the year, with the Christmas Cantata tomorrow. When she hasn’t been worrying about me, or keeping a hand on Song, she’s been working program notes an rehearsing the choir. She is somewhat stressed, but hides it well.

It’s not just politics that will make us happy that 2018 has ended.

Happy New Year

December 31, 2016

The sun has just set, here in the NENW, and it’s been 2017 somewhere on Earth for the last ten hours, so, I’m going to declare 2016 over and done with, and while it wasn’t as bad as it seemed, it was bad enough. To get the new year started off right, can you find the 4th dog in this picture?

Hint: Not a Golden Retriever

Hint: Not a Golden Retriever

For those who can’t find her (spoiler): (more…)

The Last Requiem

September 30, 2009

Amelia, the golden retriever, is dead. As we expected, the cancer on her spleen was not the final culprit. What did for her in the end was the mass of tumors in her lungs. Her spleen caused the recent ups and downs, when internal bleeding would start and then stop. In between episodes she was a happy golden, gobbling her food and putting her feet up on the counter, looking for more.

Two days ago she went down again, and this time her gums were red and refilled fast — probably not internal bleeding. She started having mild trouble breathing. She rallied, then declined. Stopped eating (always a bad sign in goldens).

Last night was a bad night — her breathing was labored, with lots of lung sounds — and we were somewhat surprised to see her still alive in the morning. But her head was up and her ears were up and her whole attitude said she was fighting, that this wasn’t her day to go. Unfortunately, that didn’t last.

I went to school, to teach my morning class. While I was gone, she declined some more, and MJ decided we would have to take her to the vet to have her put to sleep. I skipped out on office hours, and came home early. Just as I opened the door, MJ said, Amelia coughed up some blood, and died. We are now waiting for the pet cremation people to come pick her up.

Amelia was nine years old, and a failure at being anything but a great dog. She developed some food allergies that caused continuing hot spots, and killed her confirmation career. She wasn’t enthusiastic enough for agility. She wasn’t even a good lapdog. But she was a great companion, and was happy. She will be missed.

Requiem for a dog 4

September 24, 2009

This is getting to be like the Perils of Pauline. Amelia went down yesterday morning. Not as hard as before — on her stomach, head up now and then, taking water but refusing food. The worrisome thing is, her gums are still red. See, previous events apparently were caused by something coming loose and bleeding internally (we think from the spleen), until it stopped. She’d go down, and have pale gums, that refilled slowly after pressure. A day later, she’d be OK. This time, the gums are red, indicating that it’s not internal bleeding that’s causing the down, but likely one of her other cancers.

Of course, this morning she’s back on her feet and eating. A little shaky. This roller coaster could go on for weeks. Hopefully it will at least last through the weekend, ’cause MJ is off judging dogshows.