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US does a Wikileaks on Al Qaida

May 4, 2012

The US has just released a batch of documents recovered from Bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan. Middle East expert Ron Cole has commented. What Cole points out is that we’ve been lied to in the press about the AQ/IR links and the alignment between AQ and the IR government, not so much in official statements (which as far as I can tell have been cautiously dismissive), but in press reports of supposed leaks from reportedly official sources. The implication is that there is a group within the US government that is pushing for war against Iran. It’s ironic that the best way to dispell the myths and lies is for the government to do what they condemn Wikileaks for.

Picture Stories from Earth: Bid Kaneh

December 2, 2011

The world, or at least, the US part of it, has become more concerned with the progress of the Iranian nuclear program. The most recent IAEA report saying that Iran is close to a breakout capability. That is, they are near the point at which they have everything they need, and they need only make the final decision to have a bomb

Political and economic actions having seemingly failed, the US, and possibly its allies, like Israel, have started to use more active measures. Some of these are quiet cyber-attacks (like last year’s stuxnet worm), some are more direct wet work (the probable assasination of several key Iranian scientists), and some appear to be straightforward sabotage, like this weeks destruction of an Iranian missile facility near Bid Kaneh by the explosion of one of the missiles. The facility is reportedly associated with the Shihab-3 MRBM, which is an Iranian copy of the North Korean No-Dong missile, which can trace its roots back to the Soviet Scud-B, and ultimately to the V-2.

The facility itself appears to be a typical high security research installation, not an operational military base. It was first identifiable on Google Earth imagery of 2003, and remained essentially unchanged until the spring of 2010.

Bid Kaneh in 2003


The Contrary Iran Affair

October 12, 2011

I am biding my time on this one.

DoJ/FBI are famous for blowing things out of proportion to make it look like they’ve made a big hit. And isn’t it funny how it comes at just the time that AG Holder is about to face a congressional subpoena for the DoJ ‘guns for narcos’ debacle? Also, I am not aware (and admittedly might well not be) of anything the Saudis have done recently that would irritate the Iranians, or even just the Iranian intelligence services, enough to cause this kind of international incident.

Plus, as Juan Cole points out, is it likely that the Iranian intelligence services don’t know that wiring $100K from Iran to a US bank account would set off alarms across the government? Anything over $10K is required to be reported, and has been for years.

There clearly was some sort of plot, but is it the plot the DoJ claims it is? Are the plotters the ones they claim they are? Is the reason for the plot the reason given? Is it more smoke and mirrors to obscure US government bungling, or are we building up a casus belli, in the great tradition of Gulf of Tonkin, and Iraqi WMDs?

UPDATES: and a whole bunch of people who are smarter than I am (and better connected, and more experienced in this area) are also poking holes in the story.

So, tell me again who won the war?

September 18, 2010

More indications that our ill-conceived adventurism in Iraq and Afghanistan is doing us no good at all. Our friends, the Kurds, in northern Iraq, are now getting a significant proportion of their Internet connectivity supplied by Iran. Our clients, the Afghans, have also started using Iranian links. Just one more indication of how Iran is taking advantage of the economic and power vacuum we’ve created in the area.