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The Contrary Iran Affair

October 12, 2011

I am biding my time on this one.

DoJ/FBI are famous for blowing things out of proportion to make it look like they’ve made a big hit. And isn’t it funny how it comes at just the time that AG Holder is about to face a congressional subpoena for the DoJ ‘guns for narcos’ debacle? Also, I am not aware (and admittedly might well not be) of anything the Saudis have done recently that would irritate the Iranians, or even just the Iranian intelligence services, enough to cause this kind of international incident.

Plus, as Juan Cole points out, is it likely that the Iranian intelligence services don’t know that wiring $100K from Iran to a US bank account would set off alarms across the government? Anything over $10K is required to be reported, and has been for years.

There clearly was some sort of plot, but is it the plot the DoJ claims it is? Are the plotters the ones they claim they are? Is the reason for the plot the reason given? Is it more smoke and mirrors to obscure US government bungling, or are we building up a casus belli, in the great tradition of Gulf of Tonkin, and Iraqi WMDs?

UPDATES: and a whole bunch of people who are smarter than I am (and better connected, and more experienced in this area) are also poking holes in the story.