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Oat-Poutine 2

October 10, 2011

In a previous entry I talked about recreating poutine as an oatmeal-based dish. Think of it as the Rachel Ray approach of deconstructing some old standard, say, club sandwiches, and turning the same ingredients into soup, or dessert, or something.

This time, I wanted to see what minimalist thing I could do to bring a potato flavor to the dish. After all, the whole idea behind poutine is to have the cruncy fried outside, combined with the soft potato-y inside and the squeaky eraser-feedstock topping. With gravy.

This time, it’s one third of a cup of my standard 20min oatmeal, plus one tablespoon of Potato Buds dehydrated potatoes — any more and it becomes a side dish. Chicken gravy this time, with a slight pinch of beef stock base. Drained cottage cheese curds.

Result: interesting. But not for the reason you’d expect. I’m going to give up on the poutine gig for right now, because I don’t see the effort of getting the cottage cheese curds does anything for me. However, there was just enough potato flavor, that worked well with the gravy, that I am thinking of a whole new line of endeavour. More, anon.