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Green Thumb Up My Nose

October 3, 2011

Garden Report for 111003

The cooler weather has arrived (so we had a warm-weather growing season of about 90 days this year), and the garden plants are starting to die off, more to length of day than temperature, I think. We are now seeing days in the low-to-mid 70’s and nights in the low 40’s.

The tomatoes have been surprisingly cooperative. The red tsunami has held off, and as long as I eat one or two for lunch, we can stay ahead of them.

Started digging out the potato cages. We have two standard size garbage cans that I tried planting cage-happy potatoes in. This first one held Epicures, and they don’t seem to have done all that well. I didn’t hit the first potato until I was down 18″, and it was just over golfball size, as were three of the others at the 22″ and 26″ levels. One biggish one at 24″. The total yield so far is one pound, one ounce — exactly the weight of the heirloom tomato I just picked. I’ve left the bottom 18″ for later. We also have a second can, with Norwegian Blues, or something. UPDATE: Had the potatoes for dinner, mashed, with oatmeal-meatloaf (doesn’t count). Very good, but not rapturously better than store-bought.

Latest tray of radishes is doing well, and the peas are surviving, despite the squirrels.

Green Thumb Up My Nose

September 19, 2011

Garden Report for 110919

Tomatoes are starting to pour in. Maybe we made a mistake, buying so many from the farmers market. All, as in all, of our tomatoes suffer from thick skins. Doesn’t matter what varietal it is, or how it’s planted, the skins are thick enough you really want to have a special plate to spit them out on. Research on teh interwebs suggests it’s because our climate hereabouts is so hot and dry. So, nothing much to be done there, short of moving back to Portland.

The heirlooms are really turning now, and I must say, their flavor is better than I thought. It’s just a pain to try to dissect them, to get the big, tough, stems out, and the various hard seams, like suncracks that have scarred over. To say nothing of the general misshapenness. You pretty well have to cut them in salad chunks from the start, ’cause there’s no way you will get slices off of them.

Of course, now that a lot of them are turning, we have to worry about those what are still green. The daytime temps have sortof plunged, from mid 90’s last week to upper 60’s this week. That’s a plunge, isn’t it? Night temps are bouncing in the low 40’s.

Our summer squash hasn’t done well. Lots of flowers, which die. Looks like maybe one squash per plant, and the biggest is plum-sized.

We’ve been planting radishes in long trays, about 4″ deep, starting a new one as the previous one approaches maturity. That works for good old ‘Merican radishes, but the daikons evidently don’t think much of the depth. Not sure if the game is worth the candle, however, because we only get about eight or so per tray.

Planted the last of our peas last week, and they are now starting to show, amongst the squirrel diggings.