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December 15, 2017

365 days from now. Second time.
22 years military.
19 years academic.

What? He’s still around?


More Time Out Than In

August 13, 2010

Depending on how you count things, today is the day that I have spent more time retired from the USAF than I spent on active duty. I was commissioned in ’66, stayed off active duty for a year to get my Masters, served in VietNam (DaNang), England (RAF Mildenhall), Illinois (Scott AFB), Korea (Osan AB), and Washington DC — the Pentagon (DIA NMIC), and Bolling AFB (AFIN) — retiring in 1989. The pinnacle of my career was probably the year I spent leading the DIA briefing team that provided the morning Intelligence briefs to the JCS and SecDef. My whole career was great fun, and an ongoing window on history. I was working with people who cared about their work and who were dedicated, in ways one doesn’t see outside of the military. I never made any of the big decisions, and wasn’t in the room when they were made, but I was in the room next door for a lot of them. I was in the watch center at MAC when the ’73 Arab-Israeli war broke out (and we knew it was serious two days before CIA did), and on the watch at DIA when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. I wouldn’t trade any of those years.