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TL:DR — Anime I never finished, Fall 2013

October 18, 2013

Add three more to the list. I couldn’t finish the first episode of either of the first two, but I did what the anisensei all say to do — I watched the first three minutes before dropping the series. None of the reviews I’ve read since have changed my mind.

My Mental Choices…: Boy is haunted by a voice that forces him to choose between two stupid options (ForEx: A: eat the discarded porn mag B: sniff the discarded porn mag) and presumably uses this affliction to impress all the girls in his harem.

Samurai Flamenco: Wannabe superhero gets in fights with drunks, gets superhero suit set on fire, ends up naked in an alley. Not necessarily in that order.

I am not totally against stupid. Stupid has its place in anime.* Then again, there’s stupid and stupid. Life is too short. I’d rather go watch HOTD reruns.

Strike the Blood: Teen becomes supervamp, fights demons with the aid of a Lion King Org middle-schooler with no fashion sense.**

No, I'm not color-blind. Why do you ask?

No, I’m not color-blind. Why do you ask?

Too, too, melodramatic, and when not being TTM, was filled with useless expository lumps, and when not exposiating was just plain overwrought. I lasted through 2.75 eps before my wroughtmeter pegged.


*There are friends of mine who would say that sentence is missing a comma

**I mean red plaid panties with blue plaid school uniform¬†belt skirt? Did her parents teach her nothing? Ah, ¬†right, she’s an orphan, raised by lions to kill supervamps.