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My third trip to Japan: Day 09 and final

September 30, 2017

On the last day, I had half a day available for fun before I had to head for the airport. Well, Tokyo Tower is within walking distance of the hotel, so let’s start there. But first, breakfast! (Click pix to embiggen)

Time for a typical Japanese breakfast

And now off to the tower! We go through a gate.

and then past a hotel swimming pool

and walk up a very steep hill, to the tower

I forgot to take a pic from outside, so here’s one from the web

Tokyo tower is 100m taller than the Space Needle, but has been dwarfed by the Sky Tree, which is almost three times as high. The view is pretty nice, though.

I think my hotel is between the blue sign and the yellow sign


Taxi home (that hill was steep), quick nap, and then grab the monorail to Haneda. I no longer had a Japan Rail Pass, but the PASMO card works pretty much everywhere in Tokyo.

For trains that were introduced in 20014, the monorail was certainly shaky and rattly.

Haneda was quite nice, and the security processing was fast and efficient and friendly, not like some countries usa that I could mention. My main complaint was that the sliding walkways were not working.

People are on the slideway, but they are walking

And so, the trip comes to an end. I board a moderately comfortable jet (not as good as a shinkansen, but it’s American, so one must make allowances), and head off across the ocean.

On our way

Do I have any regrets? Anything I wanted to do but forgot? Yes, in fact there’s one:

Twenty minutes from my hotel

I think I could have seen this from the Hamatsuchu Trade Center building, except for the fact that the building you see — the “Diver City” building, isn’t that cute? — is in the way.


Happy Tanabata

July 7, 2017

The seventh day of the seventh month is yet another chance for the weaver princess Orihime to be with her lover Hikoboshi, otherwise known as Vega and Altair. Tourist spots like the Tokyo Tower put on special light displays

Orihime, Hikoboshi, and a friend, celebrate their one night together this year.

And even monks on a Journey to the West will stop and celebrate the holiday.

What does the monkey wish for?